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Grant/Morgan Approach

  • Partnering with our clients, Grant/Morgan provides an efficient, performance-based, strategic process that has developed a consistent track record of success in a diversity of industries and functional disciplines.
  • We feel that understanding our client’s business structure and its people is critical to our success in completing close to 100% of the positions on which we are engaged.
  • We will not take on a search unless we feel confident that we can complete the assignment.
  • Founded in the early 1990’s, the firm has assisted a wide range of public and private companies. These include Fortune 500, recent IPO, foreign-owned companies with US operations, emerging/entrepreneurial companies and rapidly-growing venture-backed entities.
  • Grant/Morgan has been ranked consistently over the last 10 years as one of the largest search firms in the DC Metro area.

Industry Specialization

We are structured by industry group and have specialization in real estate, specialty finance, technology, and telecommunications. We have also successfully completed searches in a diversity of industries, including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, professional services, government contracting, entertainment/media, and non-profit.

Functional Specialization

Grant/Morgan Associates performs strategic, targeted search services primarily for assignments in the $80,000-to-$300,000 annual base compensation level range. With the inclusion of bonus and equity participation, the total annual compensation of the majority of our assignments ranges from $100,000 to over a million dollars.

Approximately 50% of our work is focused on financial-oriented searches, which include assignments in finance, control, treasury, tax and corporate development. Specific searches include Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, Vice President - Internal Audit and Vice President - Tax, to name a few. We have also completed numerous mid-level assignments.

The remainder of the practice is focused on functionally-diverse positions in business development, operations, human resources, sales and marketing, administration and other specialized needs of our client companies.

We have completed numerous C-level searches, both for corporate headquarter locations, as well as at the operating/divisional company level.